Unleash Your Welding Potential!

The NSW Department of Education, in collaboration with Manufacturing Skills Australia NSW ITAB, Welding Quality Management Systems (WQMS), and TAFE NSW, is thrilled to launch an exclusive pilot program aimed at upskilling welders for advanced weld repair and maintenance applications, within the mining sector. There is no cost to participate

Program Overview


The pilot program will focus on two essential Units: MEM05069 Undertake Advanced Weld Repair and Maintenance and MEM05061 Apply Basic Metallurgy Principles to Welding Applications. Participants will gain in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience to become  advanced weld repair and maintenance specialists.


The pilot program will be conducted at Muswellbrook TAFE in the beautiful Upper Hunter region of NSW, a prime location in the heart of the mining industry.


Up to 50 individuals holding a trades certificate in Fabrication will be selected to participate in this exclusive program. You will need to hold the prerequisite units or be willing to undergo skills assessment to determine suitability.

Why Participate?

Welders – Gain advanced skills

Receive training and expert coaching on how to carry out effective repairs of structural cracking of heavy equipment in the mining sector. Specifically, elevate your trade by learning how to do single-sided  crack repairs with material backing and via open root. 

Metallurgy Knowledge

Acquire a basic knowledge of metallurgy principles and apply them effectively in welding applications.

Cutting-Edge Training

Benefit from the expertise of industry professionals and highly qualified trainers from TAFE NSW.

Future Opportunities

Open doors to exciting career prospects in the booming mining sector with enhanced skillsets.

Employers – Specialised Training Opportunity

The pilot provides specialised training for maintenance welding, so you can fast-track getting your welders to the next level and improve the quality and efficiency of their work so you have a more productive and profitable business. 

Mining Industry – Creating skilled welders

The pilot is an industry lead training program to provide welders with an upskilling pathway and for professional development. Investing in trades so that they can do more effective repairs  is essential for supporting the industry in moving to the next level for structural maintenance of multi-million dollar equipment, improving asset reliability, reducing maintenance costs and extending viable structural life. 

Funded Opportunity

Thanks to the generous support from NSW Education, this pilot program is accessible to selected participants at no cost!

How to Get Involved

Expression of Interest

Submit your interest to participate in the pilot program by expressing your intent. Both individuals and representatives from industries are welcome to apply.


Ensure you hold a valid trades certificate in Fabrication to be eligible for selection.Priority will be given to people that hold the required prerequisite units in their training transcript. Gap training may be offered to those that do not hold the required prerequisites.

Selection Process

A screening process will be conducted to select the most motivated and dedicated individuals for this program.


As this is a pilot program, selected participants are expected to commit to the entire duration of the training that could require attendance at TAFE for a minimum of 5 days and up to 10 days. 

Don’t miss this exclusive chance to upskill and unleash your welding potential in the mining sector! 

Express your interest today, and pave the way for a successful career in the world of welding.

To express your interest or for further information, please complete the Enquiry Form. Expressions of Interest Deadline is 30 November 2023.

Together, let’s make an impact in the mining sector through skilled welding and metallurgy expertise! 

Join us in this transformative pilot program and seize the opportunities that lie ahead.