Industry Development Fund

Manufacturing Skills Australia is pleased to announce support payments designed to assist and support skills for workers within the Manufacturing industries. 

If you are working at any level in manufacturing and you are passionate about innovation, we want to help you achieve your goals! We are encouraging and supporting people that work or study in sectors and occupations  within manufacturing industries, including:

  • metal, engineering and boating
  • aerospace
  • process manufacturing, including chemicals, hydrocarbons, mineral products, plastics and rubber
  • laboratory operations
  • recreational vehicles
  • textiles, clothing and footwear
  • furnishing
  • competitive systems and practices
  • environmental monitoring and sustainable operations.

Applicants can apply for between $1,000 and $10,000 to develop their skills and knowledge through research, education and/or training. 

Applications are welcomed from all individuals employed or seeking employment in the Australian Manufacturing industry seeking support for individual skilling and development that is not supported by any other funding opportunity.

Please refer below for further information. If you have any further questions please read the FAQs or contact MSA

Applications are now open and will be assessed quarterly 

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How does it work?


Step 1: Your Proposal

If you are working or studying in manufacturing and you are passionate about innovation or developing your career through increasing your own skills and knowledge we want to help you achieve your goals!

Share Your Proposal (and enthusiasm!) in a short 60 second video, along with a brief paragraph explaining
your background and your goals for your own career development. Help us understand what this opportunity would mean for you, your career, and your industry.

The most inspiring proposals get invited to the second (and final) round. See below for details about the application criteria. 

Please note, your video should be made available to download for Selection Committee review. Here is an example of a video application

To apply, your video and elevator Pitch with an application outlining your goals and ambitions and your past or proposed research, education and/or Vocational Education and Training (VET) along with any supporting documentation. Our selection panel will assess the applications and award the most exciting and impactful ideas to support you, your career, and your industry.

application complete this form.


Step 2: Your Application 

Congratulations, your application  has inspired, and you are now invited to our final round!

We will ask you for clarification on your application and to sign an agreement to use your application and to provide images for promotion of the fund. You will also need to provide bank details so that we can provide the funds to your account. 

Step 3: Your Success

The Selection committee will make a recommendation to the MSA Board for final approval. If you are among the selected applicants MSA will offer you a scholarship. You will need to accept the offer and all conditions in writing. 

Step 4: Your Planning

You now have the green light to turn your vision into the scholarship experience of a lifetime. In this phase, you can turn your idea into a detailed education/training plan. MSA can assist with this and can help connect you with industry if required.

Step 5: Your Future Development  

It’s time to pursue your dreams, explore, connect with, and learn how to improve your industry.

Applications are now open

Applications will be accepted year round and assessed quarterly. once budgeted funds are exhausted for the financial year no more scholarships will be awarded until the following financial year.   

Applications will only be accepted through the application form APPLICATION FORM LINK

If you would like to be informed about the progress of the fund and future application rounds, please Email follow us on social media

Entry Conditions

Applicants for scholarships must:

  • be Australian citizens or permanent residents of Australia
  • be committed to a Manufacturing industry related area
  • be prepared to attend interviews as required
  • agree to abide by the decision of the Manufacturing Skills Australia Development Fund in relation to their application.

Successful Support Payment Applications will be determined by Manufacturing Skills Australia Development Fund Board and offered to individuals based on application information. The number and value of support payments to be made available in any year is determined by the Board and support payments will not necessarily be offered in each of the relevant areas.

If you would like to be informed about the progress of the fund and future application rounds, please Email  or follow us on social media