MAE Showcase Events

MAE Showcase Events

Are you female and interested in a career in a non-traditional area like advanced manufacturing, racing, beekeeping, energy, electrotechnology, or horticulture?

The Manufacturing, Agrifood, and Electrotechnology ITAB’s will be hosting FREE showcase days for these industries.

Held at various industry locations you will have the opportunity to:

  • meet female industry leaders
  • have a hands-on experience
  • access to current career information
  • have your questions answered by industry experts
  • obligation free opportunities to do work experience
  • free networking lunch

Showcase days will be held in the Riverina (Griffith) on 30 of August 2022 as the first event. We are also planning for events in Western Sydney (in December 2022) as well as dates to be confirmed for Western NSW (Orange) and the Hunter (Newcastle).

Showcase day participant numbers are limited and registrations are essential. 

Please find below a link to the REGISTRATION for the first FREE event in the Riverina (Griffith).

Registration details:

Alternatively, to pre-register your interest in one of the following events (in Western Sydney, Western NSW or the Hunter) please click here.


The project is sponsored by DESE as part of the National Career Institute Partnership Grants Funding Round 3, which was approved to specifically target Women between the ages of 15 – 64.

The reasoning behind the project for the Manufacturing, Agrifood and Electrotechnology (MAE) is that these sectors have strong regional as well occupational interrelationships and strong demand. The Agrifood ITAB partnered with the NSW Utilities and Electrotechnology ITAB and Manufacturing Skills Australia (NSW ITAB) in liaison with Supporting and Linking Tradeswomen (SALT) to submit a proposal to DESE which has since been approved.

The ‘National Career Institute Partnership Grants Funding Round 3 – Career Pathfinders Project’ scope required a strong focus on women. We felt the many occupations in the MAE sectors were experiencing skills shortages, particularly in the regions, and as a result we proposed a program that included: 

  • developing a series of current, relatable and locally linked career information resources, as well as 
  • holding career showcase day events for the MAE industries.  


The resources will provide frontline information in a manner designed to entice career aspirants. The showcase events aim to promote career opportunities to both employers and prospective female career aspirants from school age to 64. The showcase days will have demonstrations from female industry leaders and practitioners, and will provide hands-on demonstrations of the various aspects of the key occupations in each industry sector. 

The project involves conducting these 9 industry-specific showcase days in specific locations across NSW, of which 2 will combine the MAE industries, and the other 7 will be conducted separately. For the combined events we are hoping to cover food & beverage manufacture in occupations related to food processing, industry 4.0, A/C, electrical-instrumentation-automation and engineering.  


We would like to enlist your support to help get the message out to schools, prospective female career aspirants, employers and any other relevant stakeholders. We are seeking your advice for region-specific promotional avenues or methods that can help us maximise messaging and participation, as you are best placed with ‘on the ground’ practical and region-specific knowledge.

At this point in time, we are proposing to hold the first event in the Riverina on the 31st August 2021, Griffith at Casellas manufacturing facility. Discussions are underway to finalise the logistics with holding the event.

Any advice or assistance you may be able to provide for the organisation and promotion of this event would be very much appreciated. 

The project is being managed collaboratively by the MSA NSW ITAB, AgrifoodITAB, NSW UE ITAB. 

You can contact Leon Drury from MSA NSW ITAB for further details at

To register your interest in assisting with promotion and event organisation please click here.